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Why Should I Post Bail for Someone?


When a friend or relative calls and asks you to post bail for them you may be initially reluctant to do so. There is the financial burden it may cause and it also comes with a bit of responsibility. You may even feel mad at your friend because of their accused actions and think they deserve to stay in jail. However you need to be sure to consider why it is very helpful and important to post bail for someone when they need you to do so. Check out these great reasons for posting bail for your friend or relative and then get in touch with a professional bail bonds agency to begin the process right away.

Gives them time to properly prepare for court

When a person awaits court from behind bars they don't have the opportunity to seek specialized counsel or gather evidence. When they are out on bail they can speak with an attorney who can properly represent them and they can work together to put their case together to ensure the best possible outcome following the upcoming court appearances that will be mandatory.

Allows them to continue working/going to school

If a person has a job and is locked up they will likely lose that job if not quickly released. If the person is in school they are going to fall behind in class and unless they are released soon it will be very difficult to catch up.

Gives them an opportunity to care for the family

People who get arrested often times have family, including elderly, children or even pets that rely on them. By posting bail for someone who has dependants you're not only doing that individual a favor, but everyone in their care as well.

Posting bail helps them prepare for what happens after court

If the outlook is bleak then the person will need to utilize their time outside of a jail cell to get everything prepared for the time they'll likely spend back behind bars. This means taking care of bills, putting things in storage, finding care for pets or dependants and so on. If a person is not released on bail and is found guilty of their accused crime, their home will likely fall into despair without proper care.

If someone has asked you to post bail for them be sure to consider the good deed you will be doing if you follow through. To learn more about posting bail in California you'll want to speak with the experts at Rob Brown Bail Bonds. We are happy to answer any questions you have about bail bonds and the bail process. Get in touch with us 24 hours a day by calling (707) 587-4563 and we'll be ready to issue a bail bond in Mendocino County, Lake County or elsewhere in the region!

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