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Common Types of Criminal Charges & Bail Bonds


Common Types of Criminal Charges & Bail Bonds in Kelseyville that works for youWhen you learn a person you care about has been arrested you will likely want to figure out the fastest way to get them released. Fortunately there are options to do so, which includes posting bail with a bond. While you could pay the full bail cost upfront, chances are you do not have the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to do so. That leaves you the option to use a bail bond, which is a routine practice for posting bail. While there are not really different bail bonds for each type of charge, the way the bond is filed may differ depending on the crime the defendant is suspected of or where they are being held. Here are common charges bail bonds can be used for.

Drug possession bail bonds

While marijuana is becoming legal across the U.S. in one form or another, as in recreation or medial, carrying it in certain quantities, or possessing other drugs, can result in criminal charges. Depending on how much and what drug a person is busted with the charges against them can vary.

DUI bail bonds

One of the most common criminal charges filed in the United States is diving under the influence of alcohol. While this is a very serious offense, it is often met with low bail amounts. Sometimes only a signature bail bond needed in order for the defendant to be released.

Misdemeanor bail bonds

Crimes that do no bodily harm, such as vandalism, destruction of property, trespassing, certain driving offenses like reckless driving and others, usually are classified as misdemeanors. These are more common crimes, which means bail is often fairly low.

Felony bail bonds

Felonies are the most serious types of criminal charges. They often include weapons and gun charges, robbery, breaking and entering, burglary, kidnapping, rape, some cases of manslaughter, and murder. These crimes can result in very high bail amounts due to the implications of the charges. In some cases, felons or persons charged with a felony, may not qualify for bail if they are deemed a threat to society.

In most cases a defendant will be eligible for bail. To learn more about using bail bonds in Kelseyville or throughout Northern California contact Rob Brown Bail Bonds. Our team is committed to providing high quality bail bond services around the clock. Give us a call at (707) 587-4563 to post bail in Ukiah, Kelseyville or the surrounding areas.

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