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How to Get a Late Night Bail Bond


Nobody ever wants to have to post bail for someone they care about, but there may come a time when you just have to do such a thing. And chances are, that time will be late at night. Many arrests don't happen during the normal 9-5 work day so getting your friend or relative out of jail as quickly as possible can be a bit daunting. Thankfully there is a way to get the process started to ensure that they don't spend a minute longer behind bars than absolutely necessary. To do so, you need to recruit a qualified bail bond agent who works day and night to serve you and your family. Getting a bail bond after hours shouldn't be a hard process, but it needs to be done right, and with the right bail bondsman.

Find a qualified bail bond agency

When you need a 24 hour bail bond the first thing you need to do is find a bail bond business that operates all night. In reality this itself won't be that difficult as many agencies do offer 24 hour service. So, to ensure you are treated properly, be sure that you get in touch with a bail agent with low bail bond rates, offers numerous payment options and plans and ensures the fastest release possible.

How to contact the bail bond agency after hours

Once you have located a quality bail bond agency you will want to reach out to them right away. Most bail bond agents have at least two ways of contacting them, via the phone or through the Internet.

  • Direct phone line - The fastest way to get in touch with a bail bondsman is through the direct 24 hour phone line. This way you can be sure you've connected with an agent who can assist you with the paperwork to get your friend or loved one released as soon as possible.
  • Online bail bond request form - The other way to reach out is through a service request form located on the bail bond business' website. This will send a notification directly to an agent and they will reach out to you as soon as they receive it so the bail process can be started.

Posting bail at night should be a simple process and when you use Rob Brown Bail Bonds to post bail in Mendocino County, Sutter County or elsewhere in northern California you can bet it will be. We are offer 24/7 bail bonds in Kelseyville to help you get your loved one released quickly. Call (707) 587-4563 to speak with one of our professional bail bond agents or use the bail bond service request form located on this website!

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Written By Brian Corey

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