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What is the Bail Process when using a Bail Bond?


If you're looking for info regarding how to bail someone out of jail and you haven't done this before, don't worry you're not alone. When posting bail for a someone for the first time many people are often confused by the situation, as they do not know what it fully entails. Well in order to post bail for someone there must first be an arrest and an arraignment. However, once bail is posted your duties are not over as the co-signer of a bail bond. It is important that you maintain information regarding the whereabouts of the defendant until after their case is dismissed or settled. Here's the basic rundown of the bail process when using a bail bond.

Arrest and Arraignment

After the arrest of a person occurs they must go through arraignment. This means that the person will stand in front of a judge to hear the charges against them and to learn what their full bail amount is. This is the cash amount that must be paid in order to have a person released from jail pending court. In some jail systems a bail schedule has been developed to decrease the time between arrest and when bail can be posted.

Posting Bail with a Bail Bond

Posting bail using a bail bond is a fairly simple process. You must first contact a licensed bail bond agency and provide them with information about the defendant. You'll usually need to know the jail they are located, the charges against them and the booking number. You will also need to pay a small percentage of their full bail amount, usually around 10 percent to 15 percent, but this varies on a case by case basis. At this point the bail agency will issue the bond, thus initiating the release of your loved one in as little as an hour.

Preparing for, and Attending Court

Following the defendant's release it's imperative that they prepare for court by speaking with a lawyer and gathering necessary evidence to support their case. They must appear at every single court date to avoid having a warrant placed for their arrest.


After the case is settled, depending on the outcome, the defendant will either be free to go or they will need to report back to jail to serve their term.

If you have any other questions about posting bail or need a bail bond in Mendocino County or the surrounding towns and counties get in touch with Rob Brown Bail Bonds. We offer fast and professional bail bond services. We are available 24/7 at (707) 587-4563 and can issue California bail bonds for any municipality.

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